Tips To Help You Shoot Pistols Accurately

Tips To Help You Shoot Pistols Accurately


If your accuracy in shooting leaves something to be desired, don’t blame it all on the pistol. There are some improvements you can make with the sight, trigger and more, but along with improving your firearm, it never hurts to improve your aim. Here are some tips for improving your accuracy with a pistol.

Upgrade Your Accessories

Whether you participate in competitions or have a gun for protection, shooting accurately is important. Adding a red-dot sight or Glock competition trigger are simple improvements you can make to increase your accuracy. Both of these upgrades are trendy, and for a good reason—they really can help.

Keep Both Eyes Open

Along with ensuring you have a good sight, consider changing your own, physical sight. If you shoot with one eye closed, you may find that shooting with both of them open can ease eye fatigue and boost awareness of your environment as well. Align sights closer to your dominant eye to help with the transition.

Pull the Trigger Slowly

Practice pulling the trigger as slowly as possible, and keep practicing. If you pull the trigger fast and hard, it can throw your aim off. Slow down the trigger reset as well, keeping pressure on the trigger, even after the shot breaks, then release it slowly to the reset point. This does two things: It keeps you from jerking the trigger and makes the next shot a little easier.

Practice Dry Firing

Check with your gun manufacturer first to see if you need a snap cap for dry firing. Then, practice, practice, practice to help develop muscle memory and ease the possibilities of flinching when you shoot live ammo. Be sure to practice both full trigger pulls and pulls from the reset spot.

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Improving your accuracy takes patience and practice. The good news is, you can practice dry-firing just about anywhere for free. Just remember to always follow safety precautions and ensure the gun is unloaded.

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