Tips to make your first time less awkward

Tips to make your first time less awkward


Having sex is always exciting. However, we cannot deny the fact that the first time that you have sex is extra special and memorable. Alas, this is also the time when most of you would feel a bit awkward. After all, the knowledge about what to do and what moves to make is quite limited and these questions are not something that is discussed or asked around.  To overcome this awkwardness, here are some tips below. 

Tips to make your first night memorable:  

Here are some tips to make your first time less awkward and more pleasurable.

Tip 1: Wait and look out for the sign:

It is understandable that everyone is in a rush to reach the climax. However, one needs to understand that you cannot rush your partner into it. When you are busy caressing or kissing, be patient and look out for signs, which indicates that your partner is prepared for your next move. This way, you will not end up hurting your partner with a surprised move.

Tip 2: Search for the G spot:

A human body is filled with mystery and one such mysterious yet pleasurable part is the G spot. Ensure that you give enough time to explore your partner’s body and find the perfect G spot so that she can derive the maximum pleasure out of it.

Tip 3: Do not panic:

Most men are known to panic and bring on performance pressure on them. Having sex is a pleasurable act and often panicking and overthinking makes, them falter. There are times when you might be so worked up that you are unable to climax. These are moments when you need to take a deep breath and relax. The minute you relax, you will start seeing your body react automatically to your partner’s body moves. This will help you climax with ease.

Tip 4: Always carry protection:

It is prudent to always carry some protection along with you in your pocket. This will ensure that when you are at the moment, you do not have to back out thinking of the fallout. Always carry one of the best condoms available in India. Keep them handy so that you do not miss out any moment of action.

Tip 5: Stop being conscious of your body:

Many complain that they ruined their first sex because they are overly conscious of their body parts. The whole time, they were thinking about what if their penis is too small or what if they do not have full breasts, how to wear condom and so on. All these redundant thoughts ruin their experience and spoil the moment forever.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure that you do not feel awkward during your first sexual experience. Remember it is perfect and natural to falter and make some goof-up during first sexual experience. These small hiccups are what make the whole episode natural and memorable.

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