Can Car Insurance Companies Request My Medical Records?

Can Car Insurance Companies Request My Medical Records


After a car accident, your insurer needs to gather several pieces of documentation to compensate you appropriately. Among the necessary information are evidence of negligence on the other driver’s behalf, receipts or estimates for repairs, and your medical records. Medical records are critical in building a case for compensation for car accident victims.

They are indisputable evidence of the injuries (physical or psychological) that you incurred during the life-altering collision and serve as the guide by which the negligent party will reimburse you. If you have recently been injured in a car accident, your car insurance company may ask for your medical records at some point in the claims process. Here’s some tips on what to do when you encounter this situation provided by Ellis Injury Law.

Why Your Car Insurance Company Might Ask for Your Medical Records

The unfortunate reality behind many car insurance companies is that they are businesses and operate as such. The extent of your injuries has little influence on how your insurer will treat and view you when it comes to the claims and compensation process.

So, you must be on your guard. When your insurance company asks for your medical records, it is unlikely that they are checking up on you to make sure you’re ok. They are most likely searching for holes in your story and any information they can find to discredit your recollection of the crash. It is for this reason that, if your car insurance company asks for access to your medical records, you deny them this authorization.

Before you turn over such sensitive information, speak to a car accident lawyer first. They’ll be able to assist you in navigating the legal implications of sharing your medical documentation with your insurer and prevent any unwanted consequences from the exchange. For example, when your insurer gets a hold of your medical records, they will likely search for pre-existing conditions, illnesses, and similar medical issues. If they find such conditions, it is almost guaranteed that they will use this information to deny your claim.

Not only will they search for such personal information, but they will also question the methods used to identify and treat your injuries after the crash. (Again, their primary concern is the cost of treating and, thus, compensating your injuries. If the price tag is too high, they will do all they can to discredit your claim.)

Get Legal Help to Avoid Manipulation of Your Medical Records

Most people are told to trust their insurers when it comes to matters related to the aftermath of a car crash. Although you can rely on insurance providers to a certain extent, this trust does not take away from the fact that insurance companies are businesses. Their bottom line is to save and earn money. In some respects, your claim may stand in the way of that.

Instead of handing over your medical documentation for them to twist in their favor, seek the help of a car accident lawyer. They will negotiate on your behalf and give the insurance provider only the necessary information to build a strong case in your favor. You can rest assured that with an experienced car accident lawyer by your side, your case will be represented accurately and earn you the full compensation needed for recovery.

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