Why Bringing Stuck Indian’s Before Lockdown 2.0 is a Great Decision

Why Bringing Stuck Indian’s Before Lockdown 2.0 is a Great Decision


Does it’s Good or Not?

After extending the Lockdown in the India till 3rd May 2020, Now Indian government has time to back to bring stuck people from Japan. Because there is no rush at this time in India. If these people will come to India nowadays, and after screening these people we will have data of these people that how many citizens are positive or negative due to COVID-19.

If Some People will get positive report then this time is good for us and these people because we can tackle these people easily and can be isolate. In the other case, we can say that if they will come back to India after the lockdown then the more chances will be happen and increase the cases. 

What’s the Real Situation?

The world is confronting humankind’s greatest emergency since World War II. Almost every nation has been influenced by the overwhelming Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). An episode from China has gone all over. Over the most recent couple of months, Corona’s focal point has been moved from China to Europe to the United States. Till date, over 2,029,974 individuals had been influenced by COVID-19 and around 129,264 individuals had passed on around the world. Indirectly, billions of people have been experiencing the suffering of the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19.

Japan is also one of the countries facing COVID-19. Till now Japan tests only people with indications of the coronavirus, which has so far recorded in excess of 8,000 infections with about 200 deaths.

According to the report, in Japanese media referring to an undisclosed health service projection said fatalities could arrive at the 400,000 imprints without relief measures. It likewise evaluated that upwards of 850,000 individuals could require ventilators.

How they are Feeling?

It’s a very difficult situation for Indian citizens who are stuck in Japan. Around 200 Indian People are stuck and facing various problems due to COVID-19. There are some people are Businessmen, Students, Employees. They all came for their work in Japan, but now they are panic. Because, almost area of Japan is a lockdown. They are unable to communicate properly with the citizen of Japan. The stuck people know only Hindi and English Languages, they don’t understand the Japanese Language.

Due to lockdown, all Restaurants, Hotels, Rest Rooms are closed and these Indians have no place to live and food to eat. Day by Day, their problems are increasing. These 200 Indians belongs to the various state of India. They regularly update their status on all social media platforms that how they facing this problem. They want to come back to India, and they continuously emotionally appealing to the Indian Government.

Some students’ statement has that they came for their education, now their session had completed on 31st March. They have no place to live and no enough money to survive like food. Some Indians are living with their family in Japan.

All age’s people asking the Government Authority to Recuse Flight from Japan just as they rescued those stuck in China’s Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus. But the Indian government had “refused permission to chartered flight services even though some airlines were ready to operate special flights”.

These Stuck People’s families who are living in India are also showing their concern for their members. These families are ready for isolation; even stuck Indians are also ready. After again announcement of Lockdown till 3 May, all Indians are losing their hopes.  The COVID-19 Situation is very critical in the world and they are not feeling safe.

Now, these stuck people and their families are waiting for some miracle which will save these. We also requesting Our Indian Government and Japan Government that please for humanity save these people and provide complete protection.

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