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What is a residual tax


The residual tax, i.e. more familiarly the bats, will be paid when too few taxes have been paid during the year. The missing part of the taxes must then be paid as residual taxes, i.e. scraps. All necessary information on paying the residual tax can be found. The information required includes, but is not limited to, account number, reference number, residual tax, amount, and due date.

Where can I see the amount of residual tax?

Information on the residual tax and tax refunds will arrive in connection with the pre-filled tax return in the spring. The pre-filled tax return will arrive during March-April. It is really important to check the information on the pre-filled tax return and make any changes in a timely manner. With the help of changes, you can get a lot of financial benefits from, for example, travel expenses.

When does the residual tax have to be paid?

For most, the residual tax will be payable in August and October or September and November. There are two installments when the residual tax is 170 euros or more. The due date for the second installment is 2 months after the due date for the first installment. There is no need to pay the residual tax if it is less than 10 euros.

If there have been changes to the tax return, then the residual tax due dates often change. After the changes, the amount of residual tax may also change. After the changes, the person will receive a new tax decision and new payment information. Use the business calculator for the proper result.

How is the residual tax paid?

  • Residual tax can be paid
  • According to the information on the transfer forms in online banking
  • As an e-invoice or direct payment

As an online payment

The residual tax paid through the online bank or tax will usually appear in tax after 1-2 business days. If the residual tax is paid through tax, the payment will be debited from the account during the same day. The due date of the residual tax cannot be changed.

The residual tax can be paid off before the due date. This is a good idea in the sense that then the payment of the residual tax is off the agenda. If the residual tax is reduced in advance, it also reduces the amount of tax remaining and the amount of interest payable on it. The share of interest is therefore lower the earlier the residual tax is paid off.

Pay personal income tax

The window that opens shows the remaining taxes to be paid. Enter the amount of residual tax to be paid in the field and click “Next”. The payment date is automatically the current day. Payment date cannot be changed.

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