Sanitary Must-Haves After a Disaster

Sanitary Must-Haves After a Disaster


After a natural disaster, communities become more aware of the necessities that they might take for granted. The need for sanitation and running water may become dire for some members of the community. If you run a disaster relief organization, there are must-haves that your community will need in the aftermath.

Laundry Services

In the wake of a natural disaster, dirty laundry will begin to build up. One thing that all people deserve is clean clothes. Setting up a mobile laundry mat will help countless people. If you have volunteers, they can even help clean, dry and fold the clothes for families.

Hot Showers

Disaster relief showers should be a priority. After a disaster, people don’t always have access to hot water or showers. Basic hygiene is a necessity. Also, a warm shower can be extremely comforting. It can feel closer to normal. With the use of shower trailers, you can supply your community with hot water.

Portable Restrooms

One of the first things that you should do when you begin the community cleanup is to set up the restrooms. You can use portable restrooms for volunteers and workers who are actively cleaning up the community and for residents that may have been displaced by the disaster. Portable restrooms are a cost-effective way to ensure that everyone is taken care of.

Hand-Washing Posts

After a disaster, people may need to wash their hands more often than normal. For those who are cleaning debris, they need access to handwashing stations. Likewise, for those who are supplying food or providing help to others, they need to be able to wash their hands often. The sinks are portable and can be set up anywhere that you need them.

Sanitation is important following a disaster. People may not have access to running water or their homes following a crisis. It is up to disaster relief to supply sanitation.

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