Roger Wolfson – How Can You Become a Good TV Writer

How Can You Become a Good TV Writer


TV writing is a coveted arena, and you must be very good to get work. This field has a lot of rejection, and so merely knowing how to write well does not work for success. Suppose you have decided to pursue TV writing as a career, research well, and find a mentor. Enroll in a good institute to know the basic rules to follow when it comes to the script format. In short, unlike other professionals, you need to invest a lot of time and hard work. You should have a deep passion for writing, as in case you are not dedicated enough, you will fizzle out very soon.

Roger Wolfson is a multi-talented personality well-known in the political and entertainment world in the USA. He is a TV writer, advocate, scriptwriter, activist for animal rights, and a powerful speechwriter. He is a major source of inspiration for all those willing to join the TV industry in Los Angeles. He says that in the beginning, the journey can be quite tough. If you have failed to bag a project, consider hiring an agent. These agents have numerable contacts. You can get information and tips from them. Most of them will ask for your portfolio. This means all the past work you did in the past does not go in vain.


Now that you have hired an agent, the next step is to meet with producers. This is a laborious job and consumes a lot of your time. When you tour and travel to various producers for meetings, you are able to get your name across. People start to see and know you in the circuits. This helps you to connect better, and producers will ask you to come up with ideas. Here, you need to be mentally prepared and accept the fact that you may have to do some script re-writing.

Be persistent

Getting your first break is no easy task. Do not quit. You need to establish yourself in a specific genre so that when producers need someone to help them with that genre, you are the first name that goes out to them. You need to knock on many doors. Going down the path of a TV writer is hard. You should be mentally and physically prepared. Sometimes, you might need to accept projects voluntarily, or the payment can be very less. Are you ready to do all this? This is a question you must ask yourself when you have decided to pursue TV writing as a permanent career.

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As pointed by Roger Wolfson in the beginning, the going is tough. There are very few TV writers who bagged their projects with their first script. Do not lose hope. You will find success in overtime. Till then, observe, meet people, and do hone your skills as a TV writer. At the same time, watch a lot of TV from the point of view of a writer to get better insight!

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