Is there any medical condition that is keeping you from losing weight?

Is there any medical condition that is keeping you from losing weight?


Are you following a diet plan that would help you lose weight? You are also working out almost everyday. You seem to be proud of your recently developed healthy habits and you’re spreading this message to most of your friends. Yet after few months, the scale hardly seems to bulge. What is the reason?

This is when you start thinking, ‘Are there any medical reasons I can’t lose weight?’ If you’re dead-sure about following every single point religiously, then what is it that is holding you from losing weight? Here are few medical reasons behind not losing weight.

Weight gain and the few medical reasons

How to lose weight is something that is going in all of our minds but there are things that often become obstacles to losing weight. There are, in fact, several medical conditions due to which you suffer from the inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise. What are they?

#1: Cushing’s Syndrome

This is a disease where the adrenal glands, that are located on top of your kidneys, produce excess levels of cortisol. This leads to leads to accumulation of fat at the upper back portion, face and also at the abdomen.

#2: Chronic Stress

Are you living with too much of stress, anxiety or grief about some huge loss? If yes, your body will release chemical substances like cortisol hormone that will make your body more receptive to fat. This fat is generally store around the waist. This is the kind of weight gain that boosts your risk of serious health issues. Extra weight around the hips and thighs are a result of this.

#3: PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

This is a disease that is caused due to hormonal imbalance and it is extremely common among women in the US. The most common symptoms are irregular periods, excessive facial hair, acne, thinning hairline and difficulty to get pregnant. You tend to gain weight even though you control your portion sizes.

#4: Hypothyroidism

In case your thyroid is underactive, your body might not produce adequate thyroid to help burn stored fat. Due to this, your metabolism will be slower and will store more fat, much more than what you burn, particularly when you’re not too active physically.

#5: Depression

There are several people who are depressed and hence they turn to eating more than what they would otherwise do. This happens because they’re in extreme distress and this too leads to gaining unnecessary weight.

#6: Syndrome X

This is insulin resistance and this too is strongly related to gaining weight. Syndrome X is not a single but it is a combination of health conditions that all stem from insulin resistance. If your body is resistant to the insulin hormone, the other hormones that control your body’s metabolism also don’t work properly.

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Apart from the above listed medical conditions, another reason might be drinking alcohol in excessive amounts. This too can sabotage your weight loss efforts. So, if you want to become a fitness freak, stay healthy and play MeVero referral game and earn money.

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