Here’s Why Every Family in Need Should Have a Lifeline Phone Service

Lifeline Phone Service


Accidents happen and emergencies are a sad fact of life. Whether you’re a young parent raising children, or an older adult in an empty nest, you should have access to emergency services. Fortunately, you have a lot of options. Tight on money? You may qualify for lifeline service, which a Federal government program that provides access to phone services and can help you pay for service from lifeline phone companies Oklahoma-based and elsewhere too.

If you meet the eligibility requirements for lifeline service, you may qualify for a free phone, along with free wireless service. Some lifeline companies even offer unlimited talk, text, and data plans. To find out if you qualify for lifeline service, you should speak with a lifeline agent.

Why do you need lifeline service? It’s difficult if not impossible to access many emergency services if you do not have a phone. If a fire starts in your house, or someone suffers a medical emergency (say a heart attack), you’ll want to access emergency services as quickly as possible.

During an emergency, mere minutes can determine the difference between life or death. Calling fire services quickly may also help you save your home and property as well.

It’s smart to have plans in place before an emergency occurs. Spending some time to talk with family members, including children, about what to do during an emergency is smart. Family members need to know where the lifeline phone is, and who they should call.

You may currently have access to a paid cellphone or landline phone service. Still, if you qualify for lifeline service, you should get a lifeline phone as soon as possible. If you have to cut off your paid phone service in the future, you can rest easy knowing that your lifeline phone service is still there for you.

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