English Test For The Spouse Visa

English Test For The Spouse Visa


The English language is mandatory for the candidates applying for the spouse visa. The same is also applicable to the parents of a person who is already settled in the UK. The A2 English test is the exam that candidates have to clear to proceed for approval of their extended stay in the UK. There is a lot of dilemmas about the exams one has to attend for visa purposes. The UKVI approved exams have to be cleared for all visa purposes and this test is one of the tests approved by them. You will also need other information like the A2 English test fee details and the duration of the examination which will be provided here.

Registration fees for the exam

Similar to all the other exams this test also has a registration fee that has to be paid once you have filed the form for registration online. You have to select the date and location of your preference from your provider’s website and then proceed to pay the booking fee that is 200.00 GBP.

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This fee is non-refundable if you miss the exam or skip it deliberately. You will have to provide medical proof in case you were ill on the day of the exam to get a partial or full refund.

Why is the English language necessary for visas?

For the candidates who have their spouse or children in the UK but are from a country which not a majority English speaking one, they will have to learn the language to make basic conversation. The basic requirement that is recommended by the Home office of the UK is that the candidate must at least have basic listening and speaking skills for the approval of their request of extending their stay in the UK. The candidate must be able to speak basic English and put their thoughts into understandable words. Since this exam is mandatory there are no exceptions whatsoever.

How will the examiner evaluate?

The criteria of evaluation for the beginner level exam are the clarity in the pronunciation of English words by the candidate. Even if you know basic level English make sure that you know how to pronounce then correctly. The grammatical mistakes are not ignored therefore it is necessary that apart from proper pronunciation the candidate must also frame proper sentences. The exam will be for 7 minutes and the examiner might ask you several questions based on the topic that you are speaking on. You should make sure you try to understand the question correctly and answer them.

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The topic will mostly be about the candidate’s daily routine so the candidate should be able to explain it properly to clear the exam. Since it is not an advanced level it will be easier for the candidates to clear if they practice basic conversation daily. This article provided you with details you needed to know including the A2 English test fee make sure you clear the exam to stay with your loved ones in the UK.

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