What Is the Major American Airlines Policy on Name Changes?

Airlines Policy on Name Changes


When you buy an American airline ticket, you may find out later that the name on your ticket isn’t the same as the name on your ID. The good news is that American airlines allow you to change your name on a ticket at least once before departure under the American Airlines Name Change Policy.

American Airlines Name Change Policy: A Quick Go-Through

When you have booked a flight through American Airlines, ticket name change is permitted to a certain extent or you can only minor modifications are allowed. Here is the list of permitted name changes:

  1. First and Middle Name
    • Addition/removal of middle name initial
    • Misspellings (like Jon to John)
    • Nickname (like Harry to Peter or vice-versa)
    • Incorrect (like Katherine to Zoriana)
  2. Last Name
    • If there are a minimum of 5 letters in the last name then it can be corrected up to 3 letters only.
    • If there are less than 5 letters then only two letters can be corrected in the last name.
    • You can add your hyphenated name to last name without changing original last name (like Smith/Dave to ZorianaSmith/Dave)
    • You can invert your names without changing spelling of either (like Kathie/Sam to Sam/Kathie)

How to Make an American Airline Name Change on Ticket?

According to the guidelines of the American Airlines name change policy, you can do the little name changes to the ticket (up to certain number of characters) through your MileagePlus Account. Visit your passenger profile and proceed with the necessary name changes.

For major name modifications, call the customer service department and submit your request for the name change. Do not overlook the legal documents for confirmation of your actual legal name.

Cost for Ticket Name Change with American Airlines

Under the American Airlines Name Change Policy, you have to pay the airline a certain amount of fee for confirmation of the needed name changes. However, the cost for name changes depends on some factors such as fare type, destination, service class, and more. To be sure of each and everything regarding the costing, you can take help from the customer service agent by calling at +1-888-974-1691.

No matte American  airlines name correction policy takes time to process and finalize the name change. So, it is good to review your booking before checkout and see the booking confirmation email to ensure correct details.

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