5 Career Choices for Bilingual People

5 Career Choices for Bilingual People


Being bilingual can pave the way for a lucrative career if you can discover in which industries your talents are needed.

If you’re ready to monetize your language skills, here are five career paths to consider.

  1. Interpreter

If you are incredibly literate in two different languages, working as an interpreter is an easy way to use your skills and help others. Whether helping tourists communicate and make the most out of their vacation or offering your services at large events or courtrooms, there are many settings you can put your language skills to use.

  1. Translator

From books and movies to legal documents and medical files, translators take written work and rewrite them in another language in a way that best captures what the original author was trying to accomplish. You can opt to pursue this career as a freelance worker or land a job with a company that offers English translation services Hartford.

  1. Teacher or Tutor

If you can not only speak two languages but teach them as well, you can become certified to teach or tutor students learning a second language. These lessons can take place in a classroom setting, over the course of private sessions, or even online.

  1. International Sales

Since most companies in today’s world conduct business with people in other countries, knowing multiple languages is a very desirable skill for working in an international sales position. There are some languages, such as Chinese, that are often more applicable than others seeking this career choice.

  1. Foreign Correspondent

For journalists and correspondents who want to travel abroad and cover a wide range of international events, knowing multiple languages is very beneficial. Being able to speak with locals and understand what is happening around you is a must for delivering the most accurate, dynamic stories.

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