3 BEST FILMS OF Naga Chaithanya

3 BEST FILMS OF Naga Chaithanya


Naga Chaithanya Akkineni is an Indian film actor who primarily works in the Telugu film industry. He debuted in the Telugu film entitled Josh, the year 2009. You can read below the 3 best films of Naga Chaithanya. There are many Telugu movies online, watch here.

“100% LOVE”

The plot tells about the main character that has always been on top of his game. He is an intelligent and smart guy. He is also a brilliant student in college and is still an achiever in class. Then the day came when he’s competing with his cousin for the top spot. They have another competitor, though, so they plot a scheme to divert the competitor’s attention. Amidst the chaos and drama, will there be a happy ending for these two, or will they end up going their separate ways?

“YE MAYA CHESAVE” is a romance film that tells about a man who’s an engineering school graduate. He has his sight on being a filmmaker. To help him, a friend brought him to a director who may take him in as an assistant. The man also falls in love with a neighbor the first time he saw her. The family of the woman is inclined to reject him because of him being a Hindu. Soon enough, the woman also falls in love with the main character, but with every twist and turn, there is always a question in the end. Will the two lovers be together? Will the woman’s parents accept him? Or will the main character be alone for the rest of his life?

“SAHASAM SWASAGA SAGIPO” is a romantic film mixed with action and thrill. The main character is a carefree man. A happy-go-lucky being, when he met his sister’s friend, he falls in love with her. Although he is an engineering graduate and is taking up his MBA, his big dream is to go bike riding to watch the sunrise. The woman accompanied him when they met an accident when some gang members attack them. They don’t know their motives and why they are attacking them? They will soon find out.

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