3 Common Mistakes New Concealed Carry Owners Make

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There is a growing number of first-time gun buyers. While many of these individuals are purchasing firearms for home defense or hunting, others are choosing to carry them for personal protection. Unfortunately, improper training can lead to accidents, which can quickly turn serious — or even deadly — when guns are involved.

Avoid these common newbie mistakes to improve your concealed carry safety.

  1. Improperly Storing Their Firearm

Contrary to what you might see on television, guns should never be tucked into a waistband, pocket or purse. Instead, you should always use a holster designed for your firearm when carrying it on your person. Concealed carry ankle holsters are a discreet option if you are wearing long pants, while specially-designed CCW clothing might be a better choice for other situations.

  1. Failure To Visit a Range

Not practicing with your personal firearm is a huge mistake. Make it a point to find a local range that you can visit regularly. Practice drawing and shooting your weapon in different situations to get used to how to do it safely. Remember, you always want the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and practicing will make it feel natural. It is also helpful to find an instructor who can provide safety and handling tips that are appropriate for your ability.

  1. Not Checking Local Regulations

When you are used to a certain set of rules, it can come as a surprise if you are suddenly faced with new ones. Firearm regulations can vary drastically from place to place, especially when it comes to where you can carry a concealed weapon. Be sure to check the rules before you go someplace new.

Not learning proper firearm handling, failing to check into local regulations and using improper carry techniques are a few of the most common mistakes new concealed carry owners make. Avoiding them can improve safety and effectiveness.

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