The Funeral Regulation on casket choices and price quotation

The Funeral Regulation on casket choices and price quotation


Survivors are quickly thrust into the responsibility of organizing funeral preparations following the painful loss of a valued family member. While the great majority of funeral businesses would gently and responsibly help the bereaved through the challenging planning time, how can it be ensured that a funeral home is not deceiving its clients into overspending on unneeded things and services at this time of acute vulnerability? With the advent of the Internet, several casket businesses can now sell caskets online. Buying a casket online is an intelligent method to save money and avoid buying one from a funeral company.

Impacts of funeral regulationsĀ 

Federal rules have been created to safeguard consumers during this terrible time by regulating the funeral home sector and customer interactions. The “Funeral Rule” is the name given to these statutes. The Funeral Rule, enforced by the U.s. Securities And exchange commission, specifies some rights that grieving people have while interacting with a mortuary. The following are some, but not all, of the consumer rights provided under the Funeral Rule:

Price listĀ 

Prospective consumers who make an in-person inquiry are expected to get a documented pricing list of goods and services from a funeral home. If a potential customer wants to telephone other funeral homes to compare rates, the Funeral Rule requires the houses to disclose pricing details over the phone. If a state law demands the purchase of a particular service or item, the mortuary must make that obligation clear on its pricing list.

Casket OptionsĀ 

A typical hardwood coffin may cost around $2,400.00. However, depending on the building material and aesthetic add-ons, the cost of a casket might skyrocket. Some unscrupulous funeral companies would only show a consumer a restricted number of coffins before the Burial Rule was implemented. Out of respect for the deceased, the bereaved would often go for the most elaborate casket or at the very least the center of the line model. The cost of the coffin would be divulged only then.

The Funeral Rule rectified this practice by forcing funeral houses to present a detailed inventory of the caskets they sell, as well as their pricing, to customers before taking them to their showroom. The Funeral Rule protects consumers’ rights by providing honest pricing and funeral alternatives to grieving persons. Monica Phillips works as a consultant for Heart to Heart Condolence Gifts, an online resource for comfort and remembering sympathy and memorial gifts.


The Funeral Principle does not require all caskets on the printed list to be shown, but the customer can request to see any models not on exhibit. The Funeral Rule gives buyers another choice for selecting a coffin on their own. It requires funeral houses to agree to utilize a casket bought elsewhere at no additional cost. This rule provision has generated an internet industry of casket web retailers that claim to offer significant discounts over funeral home pricing. Given that a coffin is an expensive item, even when purchased online, special care must be made to find a reliable web company that will ensure customer satisfaction and prompt delivery.

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