Soul Quest – What Can You Expect from The Sacred Ayahuasca Retreat

Soul Quest - What Can You Expect from The Sacred Ayahuasca Retreat


Several people seek spiritual healing for a number of causes. For this, they decide to take a break from mundane life and visit places where deep physical and spiritual healing retreats are conducted. The Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church is one such place where healing retreats are conducted over the weekend to help people heal themselves and come back to life as better versions of themselves.

Soul Quest and the Sacred Plant Medicine Teachers

Soul Quest introduces you to the Sacred Plant Medicine Teachers that become your best friends for life. With them, one becomes of their true nature, and the quality of life improves drastically. With the help of this cared plant medicines, people are able to release patterns of fear and negativity from their minds and bodies. These negative patterns have been built over the years and are the result of several physical and emotional traumas faced in the past. When people are introduced to the healing plant medicine, they are able to shake off the layers of pain, anger, humiliation, and suffering. They learn to let go and proceed to improve their lives as better souls.

The importance of physical cleansing as your first step to healing

No healing in mind or the body is possible if there is no physical cleansing. For people who are new to the healing process, they often have great expectations for the first time. Facilitators here say that the healing experience is different for every person. When the physical cleansing is conducted, the person might experience a condition that is known as “emotional purging.” Here, one might experience bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. There is nothing for you to worry about. This is the first step of the cleansing process, where the body is getting prepared for healing. After some time, these symptoms will subside, and you will experience a deep sense of relaxation and peace. You will start to live in the present, and the anxiety and worries that you had in the past disappear.

Does one experience breath-taking visions?

Again, this is another expectation that people have when they decide to take the Ayahuasca retreat here. They come with the expectations of having breath-taking visions. However, facilitators here say this is a gradual process, and one should not expect to have a vision on the first night itself. Give yourself time as the individual journey is different and is unique for everyone.

Soul Quest has helped many men and women heal and return to normal life as better individuals. They are happy with the way things have turned out and often recommend these retreats to their loved ones who are facing some kind of emotional trauma and pain. When it comes to healing the processes, here are safe and natural. The happiness of being able to let go does not end here with the retreat, but people are able to take it back with them and start to live life with renewed vigor and faith that everything will be taken care of by Mother Eart

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