Romantic Gifts to Give Your Partner in a Long-Distance Relationship

love letters are a classic gift


Every relationship needs to be catered with love and attention. Long-Distance relationships are a bit special. Because of the geographical distances, no intimate and emotional contact; maintaining the spark and love alive can be a task.

No matter how much technology helps, you still need to find ways to reinforce your relationship with your long-distance partner. One way is to give your partner thoughtful and romantic gifts. By way of gifts you can tell your partner that you are thinking about them. Gifts also help you convey your emotions beautifully; hence always the best choice.

From personalised tokens to handmade gifts to some creative items, the list contains all. No matter how far you are, these gifts will do the much-needed magic.

  • Love Pillow: This one is not an ordinary pillow, but a pillow of love and emotions. The pillow is imprinted with the words “If You Miss Me, Hug This Pillow.” Send this pillow as a gift to your partner residing in a different city or country. Also, by extending this pillow gift, you give to your partner a gift of comfort and cosiness.
  • Love Letters: In the digital age, love letters are a classic gift. Pen down your feelings on a paper. Even a line would do, like “I miss fighting over the last slice of pizza,” It’s cold there, and you need a hug.” etc. You could write letters in a way that form meaning or for a particular period. Then, send the letters in love envelopes sealed with kisses.
  • Touch Bracelet: Get yourself and your partner touch bracelets. Then, you and your partner have to download the app that will synchronize your bands. When you are thinking or missing your partner, tap your bracelet, and his and her bracelet will light and vibrate, thus signalling to him and her that you are thinking about him or her. You can send upto 10 taps in one message.
  • Forever Roses: To convey love, roses are the best. But, to express that your love is for eternity; Forever roses are perfect. Send your partner a box of forever roses that are preserved to last for years or more. Forever roses come in pretty colours like orange roses for passion, rainbow roses for myriad shade of love, pink roses for affection.
  • Engraved Jewellery: Keep your partner close to your heart with engraved jewellery. Give her/him a pendant with your photo or your name engraved on it which he or she can wear in a chain close to her heart. Then, fingerprints rings are in fashion. On his or her ring, get your fingerprints engraved so that when he or she misses you, your partner can touch the ring and feel you.
  • Fill in Love Journal: When you are in a long-distance relationship, you miss your partner more than ever. And we are sure, your partner misses you as much as you. So, fill this love journal with all the reasons why you miss and love your partner.

We are sure these gifts will surely strengthen your relationship, even miles apart and will keep you together, forever!

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