Next level cake designs to impress your girlfriend on her birthday

Next level cake designs to impress your girlfriend on her birthday


Your days have become brighter and nights have become calmer, since the day the lady luck has entered your life. Her loving smile, her sweet talks and her amazing gestures create jitters in your heart, the moment you hear her name, you just start blushing. Each day is full of excitement and the pleasure is difficult to explain in words. If she is the source of your life, then don’t take her arrival day for granted.  Impress her on her big day with an incredible cake surprise.  The mesmerizing treat will convey your feelings towards her and will add more spark to your relationship. It’s time to explore next-level cake designs to impress your girlfriend on her birthday. Here we go:

1.Cosmetic theme cake: Does the day of your sweetheart start by putting makeup on her face and end up exploring a new cosmetic range online? Great! It’s time to select a cosmetic design cake to blow her mind. She would love the idea of icing the cake with the fascinating things of her life. Moment, she will look at it, she will embrace you with cuddles and hugs, giving you most precious feelings. She would not resist taking pictures of the quintessential cake, and uploading them on the mobile phone as a wallpaper or FB cover profile or Whatsapp status to steal the limelight among peers.

2.Alphabet Design cake: Surprise your angel on her birthday by ordering an alphabet design cake. The unusual shape of cake having the first alphabet of her name will bring a lasting impression on the mind and soul of your sweetheart. The amazing looking cake will be enough to fill the sparkling ambience to your small & light birthday party. The revitalizing alphabet cake will leave no scope to melt the heart of your loved one with a lot of happy emotions.

3.Princess Theme cake: If you pamper your beloved just like a princess, then a princess theme cake is the best choice. The beautiful pink coloured cake will describe your unsaid thoughts in the sweetest way. She will find this gift truly classy. Besides its unique design, she would enjoy every single bite of the creamy cake. Even if you are miles away from your girlfriend, you can avail online cake delivery in Ghaziabad & woo her with your surprise. The perfect celebration statement is easily available in different flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch, and Caramel etc.

4.Rich Chocolate Photo Cake: The goodness of creamy chocolate and sight of romantic pictures, what a combination isn’t it? Let your girlfriend have a picture-perfect birthday with the scrumptious photo cake. Topped with a romantic picture & layered with heavenly chocolates are the perfect delight for the taste buds, eyes and souls. This cake will leave your girlfriend in awe, as it’s a perfect blend of irresistible taste and emotions.

5.Star Shaped Cake: Don’t ruin the special day of your lovely partner by gifting her boring looking Designer cakes. Give a different twist to the traditional cakes by sculpting it into the shape of a star and steal the heart of your beloved in the most romantic way. You can easily avail it from local bakery shops or online in different flavours.

6.Vanilla Rose Cake: Garnished with silky smooth whipped cream in the pattern of roses is the most heart throbbing gift you can give to your love to make her day joyous & divine. This cake is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the richness of creamy vanilla will give dreamy delights once entered into the mouth.

Your care is the greatest gift for her, but little surprises especially on birthday strengthen the bond between two and keep the relation intact. Don’t miss the opportunity to impress your girl by gifting her the lush cake that she admires & craves the most. The list is very much here, choose the best one to pamper her sweet tooth.

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