How are NCERT Exemplar books useful?

How are NCERT Exemplar books useful?


Education being an important aspect in everyone’s life, it provides us with the knowledge and skills required to excel in life. Students may be in a dilemma to select the right book required to prepare for the exams. There are many books to learn from, but selecting the right book helps in achieving the desired scores in the exam. It depends on the students and how they utilize the book for their examination preparation. But, selecting the right manual is not just enough. One must know how to prepare from the books and secure good marks. The schools across India highly recommend NCERT books as they provide enough illustrations, explanations and examples.

These books are available for all the subjects, as per the latest CBSE syllabus directed by the CBSE board. NCERT Exemplar for Class 10, the Solutions in this book provide one of the best learning guides students can use, while preparing for the exam.

NCERT Class 10 questions are not only helpful for students at the school level but also for the students who prepare for different competitive and entrance exams.

Here are a few factors about how NCERT books are useful:

  • Examinations are mainly based on the content of these NCERT books. Studying from these books yields good marks in the board exams.
  • Difficult concepts are explained through easily-comprehensible and straightforward examples, so any student who is preparing for board exams can achieve a good score.
  • Essential topics from these books help students remember the concepts during revision time.
  • Students can answer a large variety of questions that are given in the NCERT textbook, which help them in better understanding of the concepts.
  • NCERT books focus on every single topic present in the chapter.
  • CBSE board asks questions mainly from the NCERT textbook alone.

Students who wish to score high in their board examination can refer to NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Maths Solutions, which discusses all kinds of difficult questions. However, NCERT textbooks contain most of the questions and answers that are not only important from the exam point of view, but are also essential for the understanding of concepts in a whole new manner.

Therefore, students are suggested to study from these books as thoroughly as possible and jot down important concepts in each chapter that can help to make revision easy.

NCERT books are one of the finest books any student can go through. Here students find the best solutions to the questions.

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