Getting Your Family Geared up for a Youth Hockey Tournament

Getting Your Family Geared up for a Youth Hockey Tournament


When your son or daughter joins a youth-hockey team for the first time, you can look forward to a long season of entertaining competition. Travel teams, in particular, provide opportunities for bonding and high-intensity play. However, you may struggle to figure out how to prepare your young player and your family for that first weekend tournament hundreds of miles down the road. The following overview can help you score a fun, satisfying and memory-filled hat trick of a weekend.

Packing Preparation

Avoid scrambling at the rink by preparing for the game in the days ahead. Have skates sharpened by your trusted sharpener since you may not find a sharpening resource at the tournament. Your child should re-tape their stick before packing, as well. Create a list of necessary clothing, medicine and gear, and check each item off as it is packed; pack especially for predicted weather. Finally, memorize the game schedules.

Road Preparations

Find out from the team manager if any activities are planned for the journey. While a charter company such as bus lines in Texas may provide a comfortable ride, some tournaments can be several hours away. Make sure that you pack plenty of snacks and that your child totes books or electronic entertainment so that the experience of sitting still for those many hours is a positive one.

Hotel Life

You will need to get a handle on what to expect at the hotel. First, find out about team policies, such as room visitations. Second, note any social-gathering opportunities for both parents and players. Finally, figure out dining procedures; you might either eat in the hotel at scheduled times or join groups walking to local restaurants.

The more you can envision how the weekend will unfold, the greater the chance that your family will thrive during a first youth-hockey tournament. Even leaning on an experienced parent for advice can pay huge dividends in helping you understand how to approach the weekend. In any event, by dutifully preparing and leaving nothing to chance, you can skate through the event successfully.

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