Diesel Air Compressor – The Different Products Available In The Market

Diesel Air Compressor


In this developing world, one of the significant inventions is an air compressor which is the machine or an instrument that converts power using diesel, gasoline, petrol or electric power into potential energy and stores as compressed and pressurized air.

The air compressor is then used for multiple purposes. They are used for pressurizing and compressing more and more quantity of air inside a cylinder such as an oxygen cylinder or in the gas cylinders which are used by divers or swimmers. For more visit Nissan Personal Contract Hire.

The air compressor is of different types based on the type of energy or source of fuel used. The diesel air compressor, petrol air compressor and electric air compressor are available in the market based on the fuel they run on.

Diesel air compressor

The diesel air compressor is a device that utilizes and burns diesel to produce energy to compress air. These are available in several sizes, styles, and formats.

The common problem on construction sites usually revolves around the issue of a power cut. But you don’t need to worry about power cuts or fluctuations of electricity when it comes to a diesel air compressor.They are more powerful when compared to the same sized petrol air compressor and provides more torque. They are suitable for heavy duty and industrial applications. For more visit Nissan Used Cars

Diesel is generally more economical fuel when compared to petrol. The diesel air compressor comes in pocket emptying amounts, but it is a good investment as there will be less maintenance due to a simpler ignition system when contrasted with a petrol air compressor.

Types of diesel air compressor based on the place it is used

The commonly used diesel air compressors based on the place where it is used, type, design, and capacity are described below:

  • Industrial diesel air compressor

Several industries use diesel air compressors. Industrial compressors are massive devices used for specialized tasks and are mainly made with the material supplied by huge industrial supply companies. These compressors are constructed to perform substantial works and produce very high PSI and high CFM and are even a little heavy on your budget.

  • Commercial diesel air compressor

These commercial air compressors are a bit less expensive than industrial air compressors. These are designed to work for the medium businesses that require 60-250 CFM of compressed air, including construction, tire services, municipal utilities, and even mobile mechanics. These are made for operators who utilize air regularly and must have access to air where they reside.

Residential diesel air compressor

It is residential, and you can easily find them in online shopping websites or at home depots. They are quite portable and produce up to 10 CFM at 90 PSI.

They are suitable for personal projects or small operations or operators who require air on an irregular basis. They are very light in weight when compared to commercial and industrial compressors, hence can be easily tucked, carried or pulled away by hands when not in use.

The different methods of producing power (diesel, petrol, electricity) have different implications for power, size, and durability of the resultant compressor. These are the factors that determine which type of compressor is more suitable for you according to your needs and priorities.

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