Benefits and Types of Promotional Tote Bags to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Benefits and Types of Promotional Tote Bags to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy


A marketing strategy including promotional products adds plenty of value. The primary advantage is promo products are inexpensive and offer free publicity, whenever the recipient uses it. The user also thinks about your brand, when they use promo shopping bags. Customers truly appreciate the customized tote bags.

Benefits of promo tote shopping bags

Cost-effective marketing

Promo reusable totes are inexpensive and you get a good discount when bought in bulk from online store custom earth promos. The bag chosen is well-designed with your brand logo, so whenever it is taken shopping grocery or at the mall, many viewers or the public get a peek and start to recognize your business. A single tote bag can reach many customers, which makes it a strong advertising strategy.

You get a chance to reach hundreds of people via promo bags without spending a lot in having them created. As they will be used for more than a year, you can benefit from the wide exposure in the community.

Build customer loyalty

Freebies are always adored and tote bags are a nice gift. As tote bags are functional and a necessary item in your daily routine, customers will certainly appreciate this thought. Useful gifts build customer loyalty to your brand.

You can expect repeated sales from loyal customers. Promo tote bags create a great bond between your brand and customers. Besides the logo, remember to include your contact number and a website link.

Brand awareness

Business needs their presence to be known. Exposure to a wide audience is a great idea. Custom tote bags make your brand visible with a unique logo printed on it. If tote bags are distributed as promotional gifts during organizational events or on purchase of a specific amount you can increase your brand visibility.

Your logo will be seen every time the promo bags are used. Brand awareness gets created all across the city for cheap. Promo shopping bags are affordable and a great investment. Your advertising budget can go a long way because the bag printing is also very low.

Promo tote bag types to enhance your marketing strategy

  • Non-woven tote bag – Designed from water resistant, non-woven polypropylene material.
  • Laminated non-woven big shopping tote bag – It is bigger and spacious than average promo tote bags. It has features like a front pocket, reinforced handles, imprinting freedom, and easy to clean.
  • Cotton boat sail tote – Boat-shaped stylish canvas bag designed from natural cotton material is expensive than propylene but an awesome gift for employees.
  • Clear casual shopping tote – Clear material works great for logo printing. The trim of the tote is available in a variety of colors.
  • Fun tote bag – A great tote bag, the recipient can use daily including a zip closure on top, handles, split ring for keys and mesh side pocket to hold a water bottle.
  • Recycled PET zippered tote – A promo tote that makes your brand appear eco-friendly. The bag is made from recycled material. It has awesome features like sturdy handles, zippered main compartment and a pen loop.
  • Organic cotton carry-all totes – The cotton used is got from organic farms that exclude toxic pesticides and harmful insecticides that contaminate the environment. The bag has soft but strong cotton cording handles.

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