Basic Protective Wear for Construction Workers

Basic Protective Wear for Construction Workers


Construction is one of the most essential jobs but also one of the most inherently dangerous. All employers, especially those who hire people to perform dangerous jobs, have a responsibility to mitigate the dangers and make the work site as safe as possible. Part of the responsibility of a construction company is to provide personal protective equipment to workers. These should be rated for safety and appropriate to the tasks the workers are to perform.


The type of work performed determines the type of protective gloves needed. For example, electricians should wear ASTM standard gloves Cook County IL that are insulated against electric shock. Concrete workers, by contrast, should wear heavy-duty rubber gloves to avoid exposure to chemicals used in the material. Whatever the type of gloves, they should fit snugly.

Hard Hats

A hard hat is a type of helmet designed specifically for construction work. It not only guards against serious head injury from falls or falling objects but is constructed to resist electrical shock. Hard hats need maintenance and should be replaced after an accident. Structural damage from a blow could compromise its protective ability.

Work Shoes or Boots

When working around heavy equipment, or in areas where falling objects are a danger, workers should wear safety-toed boots. These contain a hard material, often steel, that prevents the toes from becoming crushed due to trauma. Not all construction workers are required to wear safety-toed boots, but even those who are not should wear work shoes with soles that resist punctures and slips.

Ear and Eye Protection

Anyone on a construction site exposed to loud noises by operating heavy equipment should wear earmuffs or earplugs to protect hearing. To prevent foreign objects from getting into the eye, face shields or safety glasses should be worn.

Everyone on a construction site has a responsibility to observe safety measures. Employers must supply PPE, and workers must use it correctly.

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