Avoid Seven Deadly Sins As Business School Applicants

Avoid Seven Deadly Sins As Business School Applicants


Applying for admission to a business school is difficult. Irrespective of years of collective experience, the former heads of admission offices at several business schools know it is very tough to choose and scrutinize among many applications received, who in many ways are worth giving a chance to study at their school. However, this article brings business school applicants the essential part of keeping in mind and avoiding these seven deadly sins to make it to the list of your dream iim institute.

Providing False Information

 Being business school applicants, you need to be honest while filling the application form for admission. Misrepresenting the fact often weakens your chances and leads to rejection. Usually, business school applicants take individual liberties while submitting their applications thinking admission committee will not be impressed as compared to other offers.

Audacious Behaviour

 Business school applicants, especially during the admission process, are expected to behave politely and maturely. During interaction with the admission office, business school applicants should show professional ethics, formal attitude and cooperative nature. This demonstrates your character and values. Being confident is expected by the admission office but can be sometimes misunderstood as being arrogant, so do keep a check.

Excessive Communication

 Business school applicants who have a few genuine queries should ask directly to the admissions office. But excessive communication should be avoided. Your continuous follow-ups over certain things may lead to annoying behaviour and could be interpreted as desperation, making you less appealing.

Not Listening to the Directions

 Business school applicants should answer the questions as asked in the application form. Suppose an article has a word limit of 300 words then don’t write 500 words for it. If two references are to be submitted, then mention the most relevant two. It shows your attitude of following the directions as asked in the form.

Submitting Wrong Particulars

An application essay with lots of spelling and grammatical errors often leads to rejection of applications. Business school applicants should always proofread their submission, download software to spell check and look specifically for grammatical mistakes. Before submitting your request, it should be reviewed at least once by anyone other than you.

Ask Basic Questions

 Business school applicants should ask some basic questions like “What is the admission deadline for the program?”, “Does the institute provide any financial aid for the said program?” This helps in recognizing your application for future reference. Specific aspects of any program of particular interest to you should also be asked and discussed. It shows that you have done in-depth research about the program.

Incomplete Submission

 If there is something in your application which you believe needs an explanation like education or employment gap, lower grades, etc., provide complete information about them. If these are incomplete, it gives the impression that you are hiding something. Business school applicants should assure explaining these whenever requested or required.

Hopefully, this article will help the business school applicants to avoid these deadly sins while submitting their admission applications to their dream business school.

All the very best for your future!

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