Amazon Best Sellers Rank: What You Need to Know

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Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a way to determine the popularity of any product sold on Amazon. The BSR is determined using a complex algorithm that factors in historical sales and current sales velocity of each product in different categories.

For sellers, it is important to understand how BSR works because it affects the visibility of your products to potential customers. For example, if a customer searches for “men’s shoes”, they will see a list of products that are relevant to their search term. Those products are displayed according to their Amazon Best Sellers Rank (in descending order). In other words, the product with the lowest BSR is displayed first, while higher-ranked products are pushed further down the search results page.

The lower the BSR, the better!

How does Amazon calculate the product rankings?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a ranking system that ranks products based on purchases, sales, and the number of reviews. The BSR algorithm works on an hourly basis and is updated daily.

Amazon doesn’t reveal the exact algorithm used to calculate its Best Sellers Rank, but we do know that it’s an equation that combines recent sales and historical data to determine a product’s rank. This means that if your product has been selling consistently over a period of time, its BSR will be lower than another product with the same sales numbers, but in less time.

The BSR is important because it gives you an idea of how well your Amazon listing is performing compared to other products selling on the same platform. This metric can also give you an overview of your performance against competitors.

Is it possible to track your Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a ranking system used by Amazon that takes into account the sales volume, price, and sales history of a product. The Amazon BSR ranks your products in comparison with other products in the same category.

Amazon Best Seller Ranking is updated hourly and you can expect fluctuations in your BSR over time. If you see an increase in your Amazon BSR it means that your product is selling well compared to other similar items in the same category. If your Amazon Best Sellers Rank decreases, it means that your product is selling slower than other items in the same category.

You can find the Amazon BSR of any product on the Amazon listing page. The BSR is located under Product Details and highlighted with a yellow arrow below:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

The number highlighted below indicates the position of the product in relation to other products within its category. In this example, we’re looking at a product that’s ranked

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