A Guide To Enhanced Document Security And Management

A Guide To Enhanced Document Security And Management


Almost all documents are now available online. There are various document management sites such as the docyard management platform. These sites offer a safe and secure permission-based sharing of confidential files. Online document storage systems let you retrieve your documents fast. Accounting becomes easier with a document management system in place. The manual process of retrieval often needs photocopies or phone calls. The system can give you all the relevant documents you need. It can even provide you with an authorisation to pay.

Document security

One of the most important benefits of online document storage is its security. Documents on a desk are at great risk. Anyone can pick up these documents without you noticing. But nobody can access a system containing sensitive documents without the necessary permission. Online document storage allows you to grant access to certain individuals. You can set this so they can access the documents they need. But they will still be unable to access other sensitive documents. You can even set the option to allow some users access to the whole document and the other users to only see a part of it. Data security is important to ensure that confidential information does not get leaked.

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It is also important to make sure that the documents are not lost or damaged. Documents are sometimes misfiled. There are also instances where people bring documents outside the premises. Then left forgotten at an offsite location. Securing documents in a document management system will prevent these.

The difference between network storage and document management

Documents stored on your computer does not equate to document management. Even those on your network drive. Documents on a computer are only available to the person who has access to that computer. Most computers are not backed up. You will lose the document once the hard drive fails. Documents in a user’s computer do not have the indexing power of a document management system.

Network storage is unable to index many documents into a cohesive grouping. Personal computers and networks are very vulnerable to corruption. Data lost from corrupt or inefficient backup procedures can cause so much disaster.

An online document management system provides automated backup of the data and documents. Recovery is also made easier. The documents will remain safe and secure with electronic document storage. This is true even in the case of natural disasters or man-made disasters. Your business can continue to function even in the face of a catastrophe.

Document retrieval

Documents stored in an online document management system are always available for retrieval. You can even retrieve documents on a global scale depending on how the system is set up. This is useful for those who have offices around the world. Documents in the central office are available for access anywhere they are.

Online document storage solutions offer many benefits as opposed to physical storage. It is important that you consider these with care.

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