5 Worst Foods to Avoid For Healthy Heart

5 Worst Foods to Avoid For Healthy Heart


Eating unhealthy food contributes to an early death by cardiovascular diseases. According to the World Health Organization, eating less saturated and trans fats increases the chances of preventing heart disease and stroke. The main reason behind cardiac arrest is the consumption of sugary drinks, processed meats, and sodium.

Last month I was a little concerned about my heart’s health therefore I contacted Karachi’s best nutritionists to know what food is best for improving the heart’s health. Thanks to these doctors who not only gave me the list of healthy food but also the list of 5 foods that are worse for the heart.

List of 5 Foods That Are Worse for Your Heart

Food that is worse for your heart includes fast food, fried food, sugary drinks, processed meats, candies, and bakery items. How these items contribute to deteriorating your heart’s heart? Let’s read about this in detail below.

1.Fast Food

The primary food in our list that is responsible for making your heart weak is fast food. Fast food is rich in fats and saturated fats contribute to heart disease. Moreover, it also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Therefore people who are addicted to fast food have more chances to suffer from obesity and heart disease.

2. Fried Food

Like fast food, fried food also contributes to the early death of the person. If the food is fried in an unhealthy oil then the chances of getting heart stroke also increase. Fried food also contains high fats that are responsible for cardiovascular and diabetes diseases. The main reason behind an unhealthy heart is these fats. When the food is fried in the oil it also observes the fats of oil and becomes more harmful. Therefore it is better to avoid fried foods.

3. Sugary Drinks

Drinks that are rich in sugar are also harmful to your heart because it increases the sugar level in your body which can cause diabetes. Sugary drinks also contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Besides this, it also affects the blood sugar level therefore it is necessary to limit the consumption of sugary drinks like juices and cold drinks.

Instead of consuming sugary drinks, you can drink organic fruit juices and low carb drinks. Moreover, also limit the use of sugar and replace it with the honey.

4. Candies and Bakery Items

Like sugary drinks, candies are also rich in sugar which affects the sugar level in the body and promotes diabetes. Not only that but it also affects oral health by giving liberty to the bacteria to grow and cause cavities.

Bakery items that are fried in unhealthy oil also contribute to the bad heart’s health. Therefore for better health, it’s better to bake something healthy in your home instead of buying from outside. Moreover, replace the candies with the chocolate as chocolate is good for the teeth and also promotes healthy weight loss.

5. Processed Meats

The last food that will make your heart weak is processed meat. A person who consumes processed meat has a 42% higher chance of getting heart disease because processed meats are rich in sodium that increases blood pressure. The blood pressure is the main cause of heart attacks.

Therefore, avoid eating hot dogs, beef, bacon, salami, and ham. Eliminate these items from your diet to spending a healthy life.

Summing Up

Eating healthy is vital for a healthy heart therefore eliminating unhealthy food like sugary drinks, processed meats, candies, fried, and junk food from your diet. And eat healthy food like leafy vegetables, walnuts, chocolate, fish, and fruits. All of these items will help you to enjoy life without worrying about your heart.

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