5 Major Mobile Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

5 Major Mobile Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself


Mobile homes have become an essential feature of affordable living for many people. Due to their small and customized structure, it is easier to carry out DIY home repairs on the mobile home compared to traditional homes. It is also easier if you repair as compared to replacing a mobile home. We have outlined some of the mobile home repairs you can do yourself.

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Replacing a door

As the main entrance of a mobile home, having a bad door can constitute a form of insecurity. Since you will be using it a lot, it is pretty easy to tell if your door needs some maintenance. It is wise to ensure that you get the measurement of your door right to ensure that if you are replacing the door, you do not invest in the wrong one. Measure from one jamb to the other to get the right width. Measuring the door itself or the frame width will get you the wrong measurements. As for length, ensure that you do the same for the jambs. Then round off, eg, get a 34′ x 76″ if you had measured 33.5′ x 75.5”. It is easy to work your way around this if you buy a door that is specifically customized for mobile homes.

Mobile home roof repair

For roofing shingles, it is pretty easy. All you have to do is insert a new shingle beneath the one above it while ensuring that the arrangement is aligned well then put a nail to hold it down. Rubber roofs, on the other hand, will require you to use an easy fix like a peel and seal tape to prevent leaks from going on. Before you cut the size you want and put it in place, put some primer to ensure that the tape does not peel off due to other factors. If the damage is too much, you might want to call in a roofing expert to help you out.

Mobile home window repair

Repairing windows in a mobile home usually boils down to two issues, the glass or the frame. If your glass is broken, you might want to replace the entire piece since you cannot reattach the pieces together. If you have had an issue with the window frame, you need to measure out your entire window for replacement. On the other hand, a windowpane may only require replacing the glass and not the entire window. This is also quite affordable.

Mobile home floor replacement

Most mobile home floors are made of particle wood, which is easy to replace personally. Replacing a mobile home floor will happen if it is damaged, most probably from water. Buy some plywood and lay it over the damaged board and follow that with the tiles or carpet you want. For a mobile home, 0.75″ plywood for outdoor use is the best for this purpose. This might add the height of your floor a little, so if you want to avoid that, you might want to consider linoleum. If you prefer to remove the particle board, ensure you do not cut out the underlying joists as the balance and structure of the home could be put at risk. This is essentially vital for damaged floors that are below walls that do not have underlying joists.

Mobile home Bathroom repair

Essential plumbing services can make a mobile home unbearable to live in. Luckily, some of the issues can be fixed personally. Leaks can cause damage to the home. Epoxy is one of the best materials to use to fix such cracks as it works well for plastic, fiberglass and even ceramic. It is a great choice because apart from drying fast, it is waterproof. This will work for 5” long and below. Anything longer will require professional or multiple kits.

In case of replacements of faucets and pans will require removing the old ones, cleaning the areas to replace well, and then replacing. For things as big as tube, a professional would be better suited to handle the job.

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