3 Signs of an Anger Problem

3 Signs of an Anger Problem


Becoming angry in response to an unfair situation or a looming threat is a perfectly natural response as long as it is expressed in a healthy way. When anger simmers below the surface on a daily basis and causes problems in people’s everyday lives, it can become a big problem. Unresolved anger issues can lead to a decreased quality of life and negatively impact relationships with loved ones. Some signs that someone has anger management problems are substance abuse, aggression and deteriorating relationships with others.

1. Aggression

When some people become overwhelmed with feelings of anger, they may punch walls, hit things or throw objects around the room. If this escalates into physical abuse of others, they may see themselves arrested and need to take court approved domestic violence classes online.

2. Deteriorating Relationships

While not everyone who has an anger problem will become physically aggressive, verbally abusing others in the form of road rage or screaming matches can occur. The person who is struggling with their anger likely wants support from loved ones as they struggle to deal with their emotions, but their behavior can drive people away. They may lose their job or be banned from stores or events due to altercations with others.

3. Substance Abuse

Many people enjoy drinking socially with friends or unwinding with a glass of wine at the end of the day. However, someone who consistently uses drugs or alcohol to escape their problems may be struggling to properly control their emotions. Numbing their feelings may be the only way they know how to stay calm. Unfortunately, alcohol can increase aggression and may exacerbate the problem. Overuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to addiction, which will worsen the situation.

There is no overnight cure for people who struggle with anger management issues, but there are many techniques and therapies that can be utilized to help them regain control over their lives. Anyone who believes that they or a loved one may need help should contact a professional for advice.

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